Our Policy
  • Bookings are accepted on terms and conditions.
  • Booking confirmation is essential by a deposit equal to first night stay.
  • Deposits are not refundable. Most of the major credit cards are accepted.
  • No refund on booking should you decide to leave earlier then booked date.
  • Reservation manager has to be informed about cancellations in less than 30 days. If not informed then charge will have to be paid to the amount of total booking less allowance of food and service is payable within 10 days.
  • As a policy full payment of outstanding balance is required prior to room allocation.
  • Room is available from 2 pm.
On the day of your arrival
  • Arrival is not accepted after 10 pm unless informed earlier.
  • The Management is not responsible for a loss of guest ‘s property during stay.
  • As a policy of the hotel the Management has a right to inspect guests room periodically.
  • It is important to note that a person who is named is liable to pay for all damages incurred and may be evicted. Damage thus caused £ 100 will be deducted from their cards and later a full invoice will be sent following the repair bill any amount charge lower than the charged will be refunded.
  • Proof of ID will be required if necessary at the time of booking at hotel.
  • Car parking allows one car per room.
  • Car keys will have to be left at reception when the guest leaves the premises. The Management is not responsible for a theft or damage to a car.
  •  All prices are right on booking on telephone or online but could change without prior notice.
  • The hotel Management has the right to terminate booking if a guest is found in indulging the following:
    • Disturbing the peace
    • If a guest is found damaging the property.
    • Using threatening or abusive language towards management , staff or other guests.
    • Smoking is prohibited if found smoking in rooms against the British Laws a £ 250 will apply to sanitize the room.